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January, 2010 | PhotoMommas

Monthly Archives: January 2010

Are you a photomomma?

First of all, I would like to say thank you for all of your wonderful feedback.  I haven’t taken the time to formally introduce it on CPD’s blog, so it’s exciting for me to see how many of you are interested in learning more.  Secondly, if you are a photomomma…I would love for you to […]

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Time for Q & A…

Does your camera make you feel like this at times?  Does it frustrate you to the point that you just want to give up? Well, this is one of the many reasons why I started this blog…to help you.  If you have questions about your camera, post processing, posing, lighting, what equipment to buy, etc. […]

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Squat or Stand?

The question…to squat or stand?  I’m not referring to your little ones here.  I’m talking about you.  The natural tendency is to hurry and grab your camera before you miss the shot.  I do it.  There you are…towering over your child trying to capture their sweet little moments and you realize you captured the top […]

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Celebrating Birthdays

[ClaireBday2010-96 copy] [ClaireBday2010-96 copy] [ClaireBday2010-121] [ClaireBday2010-96 copy]

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Hello & Welcome…

Thank you so much for stopping by.  This is a special place for moms, like you, to come learn more about how to document life with your children better.  I am a mom to Gabe (5) and Claire (2) and a full-time photographer.  I know and understand how quickly life passes and, even in my […]

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