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Squat or Stand? | PhotoMommas

Squat or Stand?

The question…to squat or stand?  I’m not referring to your little ones here.  I’m talking about you.  The natural tendency is to hurry and grab your camera before you miss the shot.  I do it.  There you are…towering over your child trying to capture their sweet little moments and you realize you captured the top of their head instead of their face.  Next time, try squatting down to their level…capture that sweet expression.  It’s going to take you a few seconds longer (and more than likely you will have to move numerous times-think of it as a quick workout;)) to get yourself ready, but once you do you will see their face.  Then you will be ready to capture a sweet, little moment such as this.

Don’t get me wrong, I am known for capturing images of little ones looking up at the camera.  When you get your lighting where it needs to be you can get quite the pop out of their little eyes.  I will share more on that later. ;)

Kendra Beutler - Great tip! And I LOVE this picture of Claire! :) February 4, 2010 – 9:17 am

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