What to wear, what to wear…

Well, I have had several of you ask…what do we wear for our session?  Honestly, I get this all of the time when talking with our clients prior to their session.  I have heard it enough that I actually included a section in our portrait packet that our clients receive when booking a session with us.  It is a hard thing to put together…you’ve got money invested in your session and you are more than likely investing in clothes that will, hopefully, make the session everything you had hoped.  Yet, there is a fear that you chose the wrong colors or that you thought wearing the exact same shirt was the right thing to do. ;)  Please, don’t do that!!!

So, what do I recommend?  I recommend wearing something that fits each person’s personality.  Every person is a unique individual…why dress the same when we are not the same?  You are going to remember clothing based on what fit the personality…not because everyone wore the same green shirt.  Secondly, compliment each person…hair color, eyes, figure.  We are all made differently and look different.  I have somewhat of a tendency to buy clothes for Gabe and Claire that I know will compliment their little features.  That alone will make your pictures stand out. I always take individual photos of each child…that is when the outfit they are wearing really makes a difference–the photo is all about them.  And, finally, don’t be afraid to mix and match your pattern scheme.  I actually like seeing different patterns with our families.  In our family photo above (taken by our dear friends, Nate & Amanda), Gabe and I wore solids and Claire and Jeremy wore clothing with patterns.  It allowed variety without being overtaken by the same pattern.  The best part was that I was able to find clothing that complimented each of us individually in regards to our personalities and features.  Once I saw the final images I was able to see the big picture and realized that our family photos were just as they should be…

Hope this helps…now you can book your session!;)

Happy Wednesday!

Jenni - Love the family photo. You look gorgeous!July 19, 2010 – 11:52 am

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