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So, now that I have gone almost 2 months without doing a post I decided it was time to say that I’m still here.  Our past 2 months have been extremely chaotic…which is normal this time of year in regards to photography.  However, we have had some other situations on the home front that has made my free time extremely sparse.  I have worked very hard this year at staying ahead of the game and keeping the business side of life somewhat organized.  However, our trip to Colorado was only the beginning of my “more sane” schedule changing.

If you follow our CPD blog at all–or facebook or twitter ;), then you saw that Claire was sick while we were in Colorado.  That backed me up with loads of emails/phone calls when we returned  because I had hoped to stay on top of them while we were gone.  From there, we found out that Jeremy’s teaching position was being changed…drastically…and that our original plan for Gabe’s kindergarten was also changing.  So, if you take all of that along with the photography side of things you will find that I am now backed-up.  I’ve been trying to edit like crazy while still staying on top of everything else (shooting, emails, orders, albums, etc).  I cannot say that things are slowing down anytime soon.  Jeremy may be looking into other options regarding his current teaching position and the fall is always our busiest time of year…so, yes, craziness still lies ahead.

With all of that being said, I have to say that God is in control of our situations…all of them.  Many people have asked why Jeremy is still teaching when the business is doing well.  The primary/biggest reason is for benefits.  While being self-employed comes with a lot of perks, there are some sour spots as well.  Independent benefits require a good stash of money…benefits plus business expenses does not leave much left over to live off of.  However, there is a small possibility that Jeremy’s job situation could change which would allow for a better situation all together.  I will keep you posted regarding this.

That’s it…in a nutshell.  There aren’t any pictures of the kids to share because I haven’t really taken any. ;)  I have lots to share with you in regards to learning your camera, but that time will have to come later–love me through this. ;)  All of this to say, running your own business is absolutely amazing, but there are moments when it can be completely crazy.  However, these are growing times that have to take place to grow you in character and in success.  I’m looking forward to some normalcy and trust that you will see more on this lovely, little blog again soon.

Blessings to you all…

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