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January, 2011 | PhotoMommas

Monthly Archives: January 2011

Photo-A-Day: 29

This photo already means a lot to me.  I spent some time today sifting through some photos that Jeremy’s parents have taken over the years of our kids.  As I was looking through them, I couldn’t believe how much they have changed, yet still look the same.  It was another gentle reminder that time passes […]

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Photo-A-Day: 28

Oh, the beloved dee-dee…  Claire got the name for her blanket from her little friend, Jordan, over a year ago.  We have no idea how the name came to be, but it has a special place in her little heart.  She loves her dee-dee and finds comfort in it whether she is going to sleep […]

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Photo-A-Day: 27

I can’t believe that I have done 27 consecutive days of capturing Gabe and Claire.  Initially, I thought it was going to be rather difficult.  However, as I got into it I realized the simplicity of picking up the camera.  A few of the images were posed, but the majority of them involved meeting the […]

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Photo-A-Day: 25

I’ve always loved to play with hair…braiding, styling, even giving someone a haircut.  During my years of playing sports, I would usually be the one braiding all the girls’ hair on the way to our meet or before a game.  I loved it!  In college, I cut numerous friends’ (guys and girls) hair.  Again, I […]

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Photo-A-Day: 24

We are all getting a bit stir crazy in our house.  These cold, dark days make it hard to use up any of our energy.  I am so ready for spring!  Anyway, we spent a part of our evening throwing the kids up in the air, doing flips with the kids and hanging upside down […]

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