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January, 2011 | PhotoMommas - Part 2

Monthly Archives: January 2011

Photo-A-Day: 23

Last night, after dinner, Gabe realized how loose his tooth was.  He started wriggling it a bit which caused it to start bleeding…awesome, right?  One thing led to another and finished with Jeremy pulling Gabe’s tooth.  Gabe was a bit shocked, but then realized the bravery that took place in order for that to happen.  […]

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Photo-A-Day: 22

This was our night tonight.  Gabe and Claire were laying in our entry way.  As you can see, Gabe was busy drawing pictures for Claire and himself while Claire was putting on her lips (aka. chapstick).  Gotta love it! ;)  Please disregard all of the boxes everywhere.  I have moved from the busy shooting/editing season […]

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Photo-A-Day: 21

I love watching Gabe and Claire interact with one another.  Sure, they fight…Claire messes with Gabe’s things, Gabe aggravates Claire, etc.  However, there are moments such as these when I see how good of a ‘big brother’ Gabe is to her.  I am thankful that we have such a sweet boy willing to take care […]

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Photo-A-Day: 20

No words today…just a lot of love for our precious girl.

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Photo-A-Day: 19

One of the things I look forward to every afternoon is when Gabe and Claire come running into my office after having been gone all day.  Their sweet smiles and voices are full of stories about their day.  I just love it.  I decided to capture Gabe in more of a portrait setting today soon […]

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