Photo-A-Day: 22

This was our night tonight.  Gabe and Claire were laying in our entry way.  As you can see, Gabe was busy drawing pictures for Claire and himself while Claire was putting on her lips (aka. chapstick).  Gotta love it! ;)  Please disregard all of the boxes everywhere.  I have moved from the busy shooting/editing season into the crazy album ordering season.  All of these boxes have appeared over the past week.  I’m not sure our house will ever be free of clutter.;)

1/125, f/2.2, ISO 1600

*For this particular image I knew the setting was going to be dark.  I moved my ISO to 1600 and shot more wide open.  Because of the higher ISO (1600) and wider aperture (f/2.2), I was able to keep my shutter speed a bit higher (1/125).  I was willing to sacrifice a little quality to prevent the photo from being blurry due to their movement.

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