And the journey continues…

Well, I wasn’t sure how this journey would continue, but it has.  The habit has formed and I’m loving these little moments.  Below is what our past week was like:

I can’t help but laugh looking at this picture.  The crazy weather we had last week meant that Claire got to enjoy an entire week with me.  Yay!  This particular moment involved her watching a movie while wearing her rain hat.  Of course, she wanted to cover up with a blanket I had when I was little.  Love it!

This sweet, little picture has a lot of meaning to me.  Claire received these flip-flops as a hand-me-down from one of her little friends.  Ever since the day we brought them home (last summer), she has loved them.  And, I mean LOVED them.  She always wants to know where her orange shoes are.  I have tried to hide these little shoes that are too small for her growing feet.  However, she manages to find them and has made them work.  Most of the wearing time is being done inside for obvious reasons.  However, if we would let her, she would wear them regardless of how cold it was outside.  As you can see, they have had their fair-share of being worn and I realize that one day these shoes may disappear.  I am so glad I got a picture of them on her little feet.  Being a photographer who shoots a lot of weddings, I couldn’t help but think about the shoes she will be wearing one day…and there will be a photo taken just like this one.  Our little princess…

As much as I want to keep him little forever, I love how big he looks here.  Such a cutie…looking just like his daddy.;)

This was our Sunday afternoon.  Gabe and Claire were watching a movie together…just like this.

Well, I had my little boy home with me today.  He started feeling kinda crummy last night before bed and it lingered throughout the night and into today.  Bless his little heart…I hate when they aren’t feeling well.  I enjoyed having his company today even though he wasn’t feeling like himself.  Hopefully, he will be feeling better tomorrow.  As much as I enjoy having him at home, I would rather him be chasing Claire around the house.;)

Britney - Love the pics, Mel. Can’t believe how grown up they are! And you are right, Gabe looks just like Jeremy in that one picture.February 9, 2011 – 11:03 am

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