Photo-A-Day: 31

And, here we are…the end of a full month with daily photos.  I’m curious to know who followed through with a photo-a-day for this month.  Anybody?  Initially, I thought I would make this into a contest.  However, I wasn’t sure what the best way was to go about it since we were talking 31 different images, and I kinda let the thoughts go.  However, I would love to know if anyone joined me.  Please email me a few images and share your thoughts about this challenge…the hardest part, what you took away from it, etc.  From there I will decide my thoughts regarding a special prize.;)

As for the image below, this is a sneak peek of something we did today.  Since we are in the middle of a winter storm, we found ourselves home from school, the baby-sitter, and unable to leave the house…causing my work-flow to slow down, as well.  So, we made the most of it and put together a family video about our day.  I will share that tomorrow (or later today since I am up late ;).  Gabe recently had his 100th day of school and loved it.  They must have made a paper clip chain because he wanted to make one today.  How could I decline when he is challenging his own learning?  So, we gave him some paper clips and let him have at it…we had some time to kill today. ;)  He got all 100 of them put together and loved it!

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