Happiest Place on Earth

We started planning our trip for Disney World two years ago.  We wanted to go when the kids would both be able to enjoy it (and give ourselves some time to save up some cash ;).  After many anxious months the trip has come and gone.  We got to experience the magical world of Disney with one of the families who keep our kiddos while we are out shooting weddings.  We have grown close to them over the years and are so blessed to have them in our lives.  Our kids love them to pieces which makes this mommy and daddy very happy. ;)

Below is a peek at our week.  It went by fast leaving us somewhat tired and exhausted, but the memories will be with us forever.  I now understand why people call it the happiest place on earth.  Jeremy and I had never been there, so we didn’t know what to expect. The kids were beyond excited to be there (only a little hot) and we were amazed at how much there is to offer.  We are so thankful that we took a break during our busy season to make these memories…wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

Gabe was excited to have his picture taken in front of the castle…

Claire, on the other hand, not so much.  She did identify this castle as her castle, though…can you blame her?;)

We took Claire to meet the princesses. Obviously, she wanted to wear her princess dress.  So, I did her hair and put a touch of makeup on her.  She added a bit more eye shadow.;)

And, then there was the Disney parade…

Followed with fireworks…quite the display.  I was so impressed by how they did their night time activities: parade, slideshow of the day on the castle, followed with fireworks.

Gabe’s favorite place, by far.  I must say that this restaurant was unbelievable.  However, most things at Disney are unbelievable…the detail that is put into their rides, restaurants, shows, etc is incredible.  I guess most of you know that already…;)

Claire was in love with her Minnie and Mickey Mouse (bride and groom) that she picked out.  She called them her prince and princess…;)

Our time by the pool was a must.  We have two water bugs that would live in the pool if we would let them.

I guess you could say this was common during our stay.  We were all worn out which left our kiddos looking like this.  Thankfully, no one caught me sleeping…I’m sure that I looked much more exhausted and not near as cute.;)

That’s our trip in a nutshell.  It is time to get back into my groove of our season.  Hope your summer is bringing you lots of memories!

Jenni Hufford - AW love the pics!! Wow the night shot of the castle with fireworks is AWESOME! looks like you guys had a great time! so glad!August 2, 2011 – 3:47 pm

Tamara Ehrgott - One of MY favorite places!! I can’t wait till our kids are old enough to take. So glad you guys had some wonderful time off during your busy wedding season!July 29, 2011 – 2:15 pm

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