PostalPix and a few other things…

I’ve discovered the world of PostalPix.  I may be one of the last ones to know about this little app, but oh, how fun it is.  If you’re like me, you have many photos on your phone and while my intentions are good to load them to my computer and print them off…well, let’s just say it hasn’t happened yet. ;)  However, when my good friend, Jenni, mentioned it on her scrappy blog I thought I’d check it out.  First, I ordered a handful of 4×4′s and 4×6′s and I have to admit that for a phone, the quality is pretty decent.  Then, I decided to go ahead and try out the mouse pad.  I’m not one for busy things on my desk (I have enough distractions).  However, my paper pad has emptied (and I can’t seem to find a new one right now), so I thought the photo from California would be a bit more soothing (and a longing to go back ;).  When I look at this photo I still can’t believe it was printed from my phone.  I have officially dated myself to the point that if you would’ve told me 10 years ago that we could do something like this I would’ve thought you were ridiculous. :)  Anyway, if you are curious as to what to do with your phone photos then check it out.  You can place the app on your phone and order directly from there.  The process was almost too easy.:)

I had to include a few photos of Gabe.  I haven’t had the camera on my kids all month.  Gabe is obviously at school, so the photos I’ve taken have been from my phone and primarily consist of Claire.  So, here’s my precious boy…he has developed a love for climbing trees.  He’s so much like his mom and dad, it’s crazy.

And, finally, I thought it would be worth everyone’s while to share this.  If you are on Pinterest then you’ve probably already seen this pass through.  It is a great reminder to have close to you when learning to understand your camera better.  I wish I could’ve had something like this when I was learning.  So, print it off and keep it close by…:) 

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