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Contests | PhotoMommas - Part 2

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Photo-A-Day: 27

I can’t believe that I have done 27 consecutive days of capturing Gabe and Claire.  Initially, I thought it was going to be rather difficult.  However, as I got into it I realized the simplicity of picking up the camera.  A few of the images were posed, but the majority of them involved meeting the […]

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Photo-A-Day: 25

I’ve always loved to play with hair…braiding, styling, even giving someone a haircut.  During my years of playing sports, I would usually be the one braiding all the girls’ hair on the way to our meet or before a game.  I loved it!  In college, I cut numerous friends’ (guys and girls) hair.  Again, I […]

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Photo-A-Day: 24

We are all getting a bit stir crazy in our house.  These cold, dark days make it hard to use up any of our energy.  I am so ready for spring!  Anyway, we spent a part of our evening throwing the kids up in the air, doing flips with the kids and hanging upside down […]

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Photo-A-Day: 23

Last night, after dinner, Gabe realized how loose his tooth was.  He started wriggling it a bit which caused it to start bleeding…awesome, right?  One thing led to another and finished with Jeremy pulling Gabe’s tooth.  Gabe was a bit shocked, but then realized the bravery that took place in order for that to happen.  […]

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Photo-A-Day: 22

This was our night tonight.  Gabe and Claire were laying in our entry way.  As you can see, Gabe was busy drawing pictures for Claire and himself while Claire was putting on her lips (aka. chapstick).  Gotta love it! ;)  Please disregard all of the boxes everywhere.  I have moved from the busy shooting/editing season […]

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