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PhotoMommas | A place for moms and their cameras... - Part 3

Taking time…

This is our busy season (aka. crazy season).  We’ve got weddings and portrait sessions and editing and designing and ordering and emailing and…and…  It’s this time in the summer where I feel as though I may spin out of control.  However, I also realize how important it is to stop and take in a breath.  I don’t do this often enough, but today I did.

I had a newborn session this morning followed with an unexpected lunch date with my dear friend, Jennifer, who happened to be helping me with my session.  We decided to eat lunch outside and sat next to an older couple.  We exchanged a few words and then went on about our meal.  As we were getting ready to leave, I realized how intrigued I was by them.  I have this thing for older people…it’s in my blood.  My mom worked at a retirement home for years, so I’m naturally drawn to them.  I love to hear their hearts while they share their stories.  Well, today I decided to act on my feelings and talk with them.  We heard about their lives in their earlier days, talked about the community we live in, our children and enjoyed some laughs.  After we said our good-byes, my friend, Jennifer, and I headed back to our cars.  During that time we ran into another elderly man who was having a difficult time getting around.  It was obvious he was looking for something, so once again, I stopped.  This dear man was looking for his glasses so that he could drive home.  We went from store to store looking for them and finally found them in the visor of his car. ;)  He told us how much he appreciated our help.  As we were leaving I told him to have a good day.  He smiled and said, “I will now.”

All of this happened within an hour of my busy day.  I realize that this is our crazy, busy season and I’m usually only giving up my time for our kids/family.  But, today…today was different.  I gave up one hour of my day to have lunch with a friend, meet the sweet couple from the restaurant and help a man in need.  It was enough for me to feel inspired…inspired to come back and work, inspired to meet new people that happen to walk by, inspired to make more time for me-my family-my friends, inspired to take my camera around with me more often.  So, whether this inspires my work, my soul or both…it was worth it.  All because I gave up an hour to live life.

Vangie Lindner - Aw, thanks, Melody!!That was precious! So glad you took time. . .I know it was and will continually be worth it. MomJuly 12, 2011 – 5:45 pm

Father’s Day

I hope everyone is enjoying the celebration all of those special fathers!  Click on the photo below to read my post from our photography blog regarding Father’s Day.  Blessings to all!




Susan Evans - These are SO adorable! I especially love the one where they’re all laughing and Claire has her hand over her face. Your family is just too cute!June 23, 2011 – 8:28 am

Tricks for Pics

Every time I look at this picture I laugh.  Gabe has always tolerated my joy for taking pictures.  Claire, however, not so much.  I’m sure the tables will turn over time, but for now, I can’t help but laugh when I get these moments instead.  Can you relate?  Or am I the only one out there who struggles to capture moments of my own offspring. ;)  Well, I thought I would share a few tricks that I use when capturing children.  Scroll down to see…

Tricks for taking pics:

1. Sing a song:  As parents we sing all the time to our kiddos.  You know what their favorites are…just start singing.

2. Whisper:  This is one I grabbed from my teaching days.  Children feed on high levels of energy.  The more excited we get, the crazier they get. ;)  With that being said, if I’m trying to get their attention I start to whisper.  I might tell them a story or ask them what their favorite things are.  They will start to unwind when you whisper.

3. Sneezing: This is where I can be somewhat ridiculous. ;)  I pretend like I’m sneezing.  It usually involves things being on top of my head while I’m doing it.  I’ll let you visualize that one.

4. Stinky feet:  Who’s got them?  Mommy?  Daddy?  Grandpa?  They get tickled every time.

5. Dance, peek-a-boo, tickling, in-between moments: These are the random go-to’s based on what I’m feeling with each child.  Of course, these depend on the age of your child and the amount of energy that is flowing.  Sometimes you just have to be crazy and go with it.

As we go into the holiday weekend, feel free to try out some of these tricks.  Hopefully, they will bring results that are much different than the photo of Claire above. ;)  Good luck!




My past few months…

It seems as though I have disappeared from this little place for quite some time.  Well, all with good reason…for the most part. ;)  This spring has been extremely busy for me.  For those of you who follow our photography blog, then you know I went to South Africa for a missions trip.  Feel free to head over there to see more…such an incredible journey.  On top of that, Claire and I also took a quick trip to visit my family in Washington.  We have a new nephew that I wanted to meet and wanted to spend some time with my Grandpa and extended family.  Since I was going during the school year, Jeremy and Gabe weren’t able to go, so it was just the girls.  Next time, it will be a family adventure.;)On top of that, we have been prepping for our busiest season yet which means some things are taking the back-burner.

However, I had to share our past month or so.  Between flowers blooming, kids playing and our trips here and there…it was time.  I trust that this finds your spring in full swing.  Looking forward to the next time…


Available Light

I’ve been suffering from some blogger’s block lately.  To understand why, feel free to check out our photography blog…lots going on. ;)  Anyway, I have been wanting to share these photos with you and thought that now was the time.  These photos were taken during the dreary month of February when the thought of spring felt as far away as another planet.

The purpose of these photos was to celebrate Claire’s little friend, Jordan’s, 3rd birthday.  We headed down to the Flying Cupcake so that the moms kids could have a cupcake.  Honestly, we did decide on Flying Cupcake for us…thinking the kids would equally enjoy it…and they did. ;)  Well, I was just a mom for this adventure…wanting to capture a few moments of these sweet friendships that have developed over the years.  However, this popular cupcake shop was rather busy, so we decided to step out of the way and capture a few treasures of our own.

If you saw where these photos were taken you would have looked at me like I was crazy.  It was a gloomy day and all we had was the back door.  However, it made the perfect demonstration for this post…using available light.  Many have asked how to position their little ones inside.  The easiest, most efficient answer is to have your little ones facing a window or  a door (with a window) allowing enough room to have your back to the window/door.

In the image below, you can look at Claire’s eyes and see the white spots.  These are the catch lights from the windows.  Notice there aren’t any hard shadows around her eyes or features.  This is about as natural as you can get for being indoors.  The images below also include catch lights and were shot in the same location.

The image below has Gabe facing the door and Jordan is sitting to the side of the light.  You can see a slight shadow to the left of her nose, but all detail is there.  Their expressions coincide with each other bringing a smile to your face.;)

And, this one shows Claire standing to the side of the light.  Notice her left eye is somewhat shadowed because the light was metered for the brightness of the light.  I didn’t want to blow out her features and was okay with having a slight shadow/darker left side.

So, while it does feel absolutely wonderful outside right now, I realize that the Midwest is always full of surprises.  Even though I long for consistency with warmer weather, I know that we still have some cooler days ahead.  With that being said, try shooting in this way.  Put your backside to the window and start shooting away.


Vangie Lindner - Such good pictures- love them.March 22, 2011 – 11:44 pm